Bee’s Stings Can Be Used For Health Therapy

Getting Stung by bees certainly feels very painful. However, for your information, there are some people who deliberately receive insect stings through bee sting therapy. Bee sting therapy or apitherapy is a traditional treatment method that has been practiced since time immemorial. This type of therapy that utilizes poisons from bee stings is believed to provide various health benefits. That’s why bees deserve our respect, and you can teach your kids to respect bees by using bee decorations for their rooms.

It turns out there are various benefits of bee sting therapy to treat various diseases based on research results, such as:

As an anti-inflammatory drug

One of the benefits of bee sting therapy is the positive effect of the anti-inflammatory properties in it. Even though it has a high amount of anti-inflammatory properties in it, you are not advised to do too much bee sting therapy. It’s because the melittin compounds in it can cause itching, pain, and inflammation when it is received in excessive doses.

It relieves pain

A study conducted by the University of Oxford in 2005 stated that bee’s venom has benefits for relieving strong pain.

The Swedish Medical Center also points out that the adolapin in bee’s venom has analgesic properties, and a number of anecdotal evidence on the AAS site proves the ability of bee’s venom to reduce or eliminate pain.

It regulates the function of the thyroid gland

Bee’s sting therapy is believed to help regulate thyroid gland function in women who have hyperthyroidism. However, research on bee sting therapy as a thyroid treatment still requires further research.

It relieves symptoms of arthritis or rheumatism

A study published in Acupuncture Research in 2008 suggested that bee’s sting can help treat arthritis.

The study involved 100 people who have arthritis. The participants were given medicine, that is, those who used rheumatic drugs in general and bee sting therapy.

After three months of treatment, both groups showed that the symptoms of arthritis they experienced became reduced. Some of the symptoms of rheumatism are reduced, such as swollen joints, stiff joints, and pain in the joints.

Then, the results show that the benefits of bee sting therapy for arthritis sufferers are less frequent relapses than people who only take ordinary medicines.

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