Before Using a Tow Car Service, Consider This

We all want our cars always in top condition and can work as they should. But, we also have to realize that cars can experience problems at any time. One obstacle that is often experienced by car drivers is none other than the car can not turn on the alias strike. If the car broke down, of course, you have to tow your car with another vehicle or maybe you tow the car of someone who broke down with 24 Hr Towing Columbus. The easiest way to tow is to tie a rope to a towing car with the car to be towed. But, towing a car is not as simple as one might imagine. You need to pay attention to the following things to avoid other problems when towing.

The minimum rope length is four meters. So, if you have only three meters of rope, it will be a big risk when the front car brakes or cornering while the rope that is usually used is webbing rope, or commonly used by climbers to tie the body. This rope is fairly cheap. “Webbing straps” are very strong, stronger than slap straps because the material is better and the ties are also very good. If you want to be safer, you can buy a special rope to tow the car, usually made of steel wrapped in plastic. Pay attention to the car that will tow, the size of the car should be larger and also greater strength than the towed car. If you can, you know the technical specifications of the car so that the towing process does not cause new problems. The minimum type of car used to tow is the same as the towed car. This concerns comfort and safety. For example, if you have an MPV car, you can tow a car of the same type, not bigger than the car you have.

We know that towing a car is generally by linking a rope to the car to be towed. However, tying a rope to the car to be towed must not be careless. Look for a semicircular iron (sometimes also other shapes, but mostly a semicircle), the location is usually under the front or rear bumper. The characteristics of the rope link are strongly related to the car’s chassis and the iron is quite large, about the size of an index finger. Do not tie on the bumper or suspension of the car because these parts do not hold the weight of the car and can break the rope.

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