Choosing The Right Skateboard For Your Child

By the time a child reaches 12 or 13 years old, there is no doubt that he will want a skateboard that feels like what professionals are using – both in size and class. But what about skateboarders who are really young like kids aged four or five years who have just entered the world of sports? What guidelines are available for parents to choose the model for the youngest skateboarder? You also need to know if there are cruiser skate deck that is suitable for children, especially for beginners.

Child size or adult size?
At the elementary level, there is no difference between skateboarding for children and skateboarding for adults. Some companies make short skateboards about 21″ or 22″ in length, but this is more a marketing problem than the needs of genuine consumers. Most 4-year-olds will be fine with standard-sized boards. Plus, kids skateboards are usually around 6″ wide, and kids might actually be better with a 7.5″ inch wide deck on full-sized board.

Where to Buy Your Child’s Skateboard
If you want to save a little, there are several brands that are ideal for the young players out there. But one strong recommendation is not to buy skateboards from several large department stores or mass merchandise. Generic skateboards are not good quality and will give your child a bad experience. Buy from a well-known quality skateboard manufacturer. Companies that also make good pro-level boards are a good bet when it comes to buying entry-level boards.

Buying a skateboard online is fine, as long as it’s produced by a reputable company. Let your child choose the board with the graphics they like. This might seem trivial to parents who are more concerned about the quality of construction.

Don’t Forget Protective Equipment
Don’t delay buying protective equipment. Make sure you have a skateboard helmet, and pads for the elbows. Knee pads and wrist protectors can also help. Review information about safety in skateboarding. Your child will enjoy sports more if you avoid serious injury.

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