Overcoming Impotence In Men

The main symptom or characteristic of impotence is the difficulty of the penis to get an erection or maintain an erection. People with impotence also experience a decrease in sexual desire. These complaints can appear suddenly or gradually. To overcome this, you can take semenax pills that have been proven to overcome your erection problems, including impotence.

Impotence itself is not a serious health disorder. But if left untreated, impotence can adversely affect the psychological condition of the sufferer, for example causing a decrease in self-confidence and depression. Besides, household harmony can also be disrupted. Consult your doctor if your penis cannot get an erection, especially if:

• Impotence that has lasted a long time.
• Accompanied by premature ejaculation.
• Has diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease.

Difficult erections (impotence) are most often caused by psychological disorders, for example when you are stressed, anxious, sad, afraid, inferior, feeling guilty, or also panicking excessively. Can also, difficult erections arise due to other triggers, such as environmental conditions that are not supportive, fatigue, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, side effects of drugs, aging, excessive masturbation, even also because of an illness, such as pelvic nerve disorders, disorders hormones, or other chronic diseases.

In most cases, the erectile difficulty is temporary, and can improve on its own with the following treatments:

• Don’t masturbate often
• Live a healthy lifestyle, including getting enough sleep (6-9 hours a day) and regularly, eating healthy, exercising for at least 30 minutes every day, drinking more water
• Don’t smoke, stay away from alcohol and drugs, don’t also consume excessive caffeinated drinks
• Manage stress well, increase relaxation
• Do not take any medicine or herbal medicine without doctor’s advice

Impotence Treatment
To find out the cause, the doctor needs to do further tests which include blood tests, urine tests, or penis ultrasound. After the cause is confirmed, the doctor can determine the right treatment. Impotence can be treated by overcoming the cause first, whether through drugs, hormone injections, or surgery. If impotence is caused by psychological disorders, impotence needs to be treated with psychotherapy carried out by a psychiatrist or psychologist. You can consume semenax so you avoid erection and impotence problems.

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