The Importance Of Routinely Cleaning Bathroom Glass Doors

Shower area in the bathroom, ideally limited by the shower door. This is so the bathroom floor is not entirely wet and always in a clean and comfortable state. One of the most widely used guardian shower door is glass material. Glass material is chosen so that the atmosphere of the bathroom so it’s not too narrow. The appearance also makes the bathroom look more spacious and clean. The weakness of the glass door is, it is very easy to get dirty, opaque and yellowish if not routinely cleaned.

This is because every day is used for bathing, and certainly the glass door will be exposed to water and splashes of soap. The effect, the glass becomes opaque and shabby. For that, clean the glass door regularly.
Glass shower doors should ideally be cleaned every day. This is to maintain the clarity of the glass and prevent the appearance of mold that can make yellow or black spots.

To clean it must be done routinely. If left too long, it will cause black spots that will be difficult to remove. Well, there are some effective steps to prevent mold growth in the bathroom.

Always switch on the bathroom fan
Install the exhaust fan in the bathroom. Let it run for half an hour to an hour after bathing. If you don’t have an internal fan, open the bathroom door and wind it with an ordinary electronic fan. Let stand for half an hour to an hour after every time you finish bathing.

Open the window after showering
If the bathroom has a window, open the window to allow fresh air and sunlight to enter. Wind and sunlight will make the level of humidity decrease and reduce mold growth

Hang the loofah or sponge to dry
Do not let these items be put away. It’s better to hang it because it will make it dry quickly. Letting it wet for a long time will trigger more humidity levels in the bathroom.

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