Why Is Server Colocation Selected As Web Hosting?

Do you know? Increasingly the use of colocation server as web hosting continues to grow. This makes colocation increasingly expand its wings in the field of web hosting server colocation. Maybe most of you are still wondering what a server colocation is? And why was the server colocation chosen as web hosting? What are the uses of this colocation server? Before answering it all, it is good you first know the meaning of the colocation server.

Colocation server is a place that provides services for storing or entrusting servers in data centers that have physical and infrastructure security standards, such as electrical current stability, flooring, UPS, power generators, air temperature control, stability of internet access, CCTV and security personnel who will work every day in monitoring your server. Usually, this server is stored in a rack or cabinet.

The use of a colocation server for web hosting is the right step to choose, this is because the colocation server will place the server machine on someone else’s rack with bandwidth so that your web server is run without an internet connection. The benefits that you will get when you use a colocation server are:

• Bandwidth Costs. Usually, those who use server colocation will get almost the same cost or even equal the usual hosting price. You will also get higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy for network connections.

• Protection from power outages. Another advantage of being gained by using a server colocation is the protection of the server from the threat of blackouts. Usually, a server colocation provider company must have been supported by power generation and backup power facilities to protect client servers against all kinds of bad situations.

• Protection from Crime Threats. Besides protecting from blackouts. Colocation servers are also protected from threats of crime or server theft because the server colocation provider must have additional security for the machine.

• Servers Are Stored and Maintained Safely. Using server colocation as web hosting will keep the server safe, so of course server colocation services are very useful for those of you who don’t have your own IT team or for companies that have offices that are far from the provider.

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